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A PC version of one of the most famous platform games of all time

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The Super Mario Bros franchise saved video games from oblivion when the great video game collapse of 1983 happened. When Nintendo released Super Mario Bros. 3, you had a hard time keeping the shelves stocked with it. It arrived in 1990 and sold millions in the first year of its release. Since then, it has become one of the best-selling video games ever released, and in Mario Bros 3, Bowser has become a father. In addition, the Koopa Kids have started to invade the Mushroom Kingdom. Both Mario and Luigi have been given a quest to travel through these worlds and reverse a deadly curse that will save the Mushroom Kingdom.

Wonderful Side-Scrolling Action

Super Mario Bros 3 has expanded on the franchise in every direction. You adventure through levels in a more open fashion than ever before, and you will not feel restriction on how much exploration you can do. The map screens were introduced so that players have some choice in where they want to go next. You also have non-action spots like Toad's Item House, card-matching mini-games, and a reserved item menu can also be found. It lets gamers save their power-ups and use them for when they encounter a more dire situation.

Super Mario Bros 3: Innovations

The introduction of the wonderful map screen is only one of many Super Mario Bros 3's numerous innovations. Super Mario Bros 3 more than quadrupled how many obtainables you could get from the first game. In the first game, you had the simple trio of the flower, the mushroom, and the star. In Super Mario Bros 3, you also have a leaf to become a raccoon, which means that you can whip around and attack your enemies from the front. You will also have a Frog Suit to make swimming a walk in the park. Keep in mind, however, land travel can be somewhat more difficult.

One of the Best 2D Games Ever Made

With the translation over to a virtual console through an emulator, however, the game does reveal a few inconsistencies not found in the early 90s game. For example, the graphics show a thin vertical strip that stays blank on the left of your area. This is an artifact common to 8-bit programming, but it wasn't noticeable with the cartridge. Also, the classic Super Nintendo controller does not work with the latest addition.

Truth be told, it is a stretch to call these issues much of a problem. You still have a solid game that revolutionized the video game industry. It will forever go down in history as one of the most brilliant games ever made on any gaming platform. Even with today's modern gaming technology, going back to the NES to play Super Mario Bros 3 becomes a nostalgic experience of unforgettable gaming history.


  • A solid game franchise
  • More obtainable items than ever before
  • Map lets you explore different levels


  • Not as much of a classic experience as on the computer

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